19 March 2020

We hope you are all safe and well. Please keep an eye on your neighbours, friends and family. I mean this in a nice way, keep in touch as this can be scary for some people.

Because I think it is important for us to keep busy I am reducing the price on lots of my shop items so that they are more afforable for everyone. Get those knitting needles busy, as busy hands keeps the mind not so busy if you know what I mean, focus on that pattern instead. If knitting isn't your thing give the rug making a try or maybe felting!

Take care everyone.


25 January 2019

Come see us at Waipu Street Markets on Sunday. I have started to dye yarn so will have some to sell. Very excited about this. Val is coming with me, she is a very talented artist, her paintings that she sells are just amazing, she is also taking yummy plums to sell. We will also be at the Marsden Cove markets from February onwards.


7 January 2019

I've been having fun dyeing yarn. Really pleased with how it is coming out. I have knitted up a shawl from the 4ply merino wool and really happy with how lovely it is to knit with. In love with this shawl, not sure if I will be able to sell it. Haven't blocked it yet, I think I'm putting it off so I don't sell it. :)


1 January 2019

Happy New Year to you all. Here's to a brillant year!



Ben had his first ride today. Erik is so happy with him. They went down the track thru the ford and up the back hills. Ben loved it.



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