8th May 2021

21 days till Woolfest in Auckland. :) So exciting, come see us in shed 2.

Been busy making yarn huggers and pompoms and of course dyeing yarn. Hopefully I will get some time to make some bags as well. Best bet will be for it to rain then I can't work outside.

Love autumn time, trees changing colourand some bulbs springing to life. I can never remember where I have planted bulbs so always exciting to see what comes up.

Take care and hopefully see you at Woolfest.


31st March 2021

Yes we have some rain. Our watertanks are getting very low. Doesn't look like it will be much so hopefully will be enough to move the level in the tanks.

Stoney Creek Farm will be going to Woolfest in Auckland 29th May, so hope to met up with you. Really looking forward to it, we were going last year for the first time but Covid came along.

Hope you are all well


3rd February 2021

Sorry I really am slack. There is so much to do on our little farm that time just seems to run away. I am really lucky that I get to be at home these days, love being with all our animals. We got another wee dog Wolfey back in April last year, his owner could no longer look after him. He has fitted in with us all really well, he is our townie dog so Missy & Sammy are teaching him the country ways. Yes he has found the horse poo a few times, loves to roll in it, yes gross!

Glamping... yes we are still working on it, the second cabin which is the kitchen & toilet area, the framing is up. I got a sliding window so that you can eat your breakie outside the kitchen window. The water supply and sewage is in down at the site. Fencing is a work in progress around the area, I'm all for the rustic look so been gathering branches from the trees ... maybe bitten off a bit much ... don't tell Erik. :) Going to have vege gardens and fruit trees for people to help themselves.

Hope you are all well

Take care and be safe, it is still scary out there with covid



30 June 2020

Where has this year gone! End of June already.

I finally managed to talk Erik into doing Glamping on our property last October. The plan is to be up and running this November. I spent the summer down what we call the Stonewall paddock clearing one corner where I want the first camping site to be. This has been a real mission but I can now see it all. It is up from the river but amongst the huge rocks we have. It's an amazing spot so I think people would love to stay there.  Most of that part has been cleared, I just need a fence or two put in to keep the horses out. Anything is fair game to them. Once that is done I can get it planted up. Erik is just about finished the Sleeping cabin outside (framing and cladding) so still alot to do. There is going to be two cabins at this site, one for sleeping, the other is for the toilet and kitchen. A real toilet as sorry a composting one just doesn't do it for me. There is going to be an outside shower and bath. The plan is to have the paddock for whoever is staying at the time so they will be able to bring their horses for a holiday as well. Sorry no dogs as we have working farms all around us.

Hope you are all well

Take care and be safe


29 April 2020

Gosh these last 5 weeks have been interesting. We are so lucky in NZ when you see what is happening with the rest of the world, so well done NZ!

I think in some ways it has been so good for us all. Alot more family time, time out from all the racing around, good old fashion times and lots of baking by the sound of things. I've been doing chutneys and have only made a fruitcake oh I did do bread one day but boy that was time consuming.

Here on the farm we haven't been effected to much, we still have the animals that need attention so in alot of ways it is no different. I'm working from home with bookwork, Erik hasn't been doing any Inspections but has been catching up on alot of outstanding farm and house jobs.

I'm slowly updating my craftshop, photos are my issue, the colours don't always look right, then when you upload them they change again. :(  I've still got lots of handmade items to upload since we haven't been going to the markets thru all of this covid stuff. Also the yarn I've been dyeing, still need to get them uploaded.

Let me know if there is anything you would be interested in.

Take care and be safe



19 March 2020

We hope you are all safe and well. Please keep an eye on your neighbours, friends and family. I mean this in a nice way, keep in touch as this can be scary for some people.

Because I think it is important for us to keep busy I am reducing the price on lots of my shop items so that they are more afforable for everyone. Get those knitting needles busy, as busy hands keeps the mind not so busy if you know what I mean, focus on that pattern instead. If knitting isn't your thing give the rug making a try or maybe felting!

Take care everyone.


25 January 2019

Come see us at Waipu Street Markets on Sunday. I have started to dye yarn so will have some to sell. Very excited about this. Val is coming with me, she is a very talented artist, her paintings that she sells are just amazing, she is also taking yummy plums to sell. We will also be at the Marsden Cove markets from February onwards.


7 January 2019

I've been having fun dyeing yarn. Really pleased with how it is coming out. I have knitted up a shawl from the 4ply merino wool and really happy with how lovely it is to knit with. In love with this shawl, not sure if I will be able to sell it. Haven't blocked it yet, I think I'm putting it off so I don't sell it. :)


1 January 2019

Happy New Year to you all. Here's to a brillant year!



Ben had his first ride today. Erik is so happy with him. They went down the track thru the ford and up the back hills. Ben loved it.



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